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About Medical Screening Services, Inc.
MSS is the nation’s largest independent operator of biometric health kiosks. MSS leases, sells and services a full line of self-attended automated health monitoring computers and systems. In addition, we provide complete and individually directed health programs for hospitals, industry, pharmacies, health clubs, banks, government agencies and other entities.

Which Health Kiosk is
Best for You?

When it comes to biometric testing, the Healthstation is by far the most cost-effective screening tool. Healthcare costs can be significantly reduced when users monitor risk factors, such as hypertension in compliance with their doctors.

In fact, as we show in the PDFs and videos linked below, Healthstations vary from the simple two-button unit to the Internet-connected and touchscreen unit with printer to our proprietary MSS Safety + Health Center™.

Healthbot ID

Life Clinic LC 500
Lifeclinic LC 500

Vita Stat 90550

Lifeclinic LC 300

MSS Safety and Health Center
MSS Safety and Health Center

Biometric Positive ID Ecosystem
Under Development
Not Available

Basic Healthstation Units
Basic Healthstation units are exceptionally simple and cost-effective Biometric tools. These compact units have been very popular due to their accuracy and dependability.

Deluxe Healthstation Kiosks
Deluxe Healthstation Kiosks present more of a complete health picture of the user, as they provide weight and BMI.

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